Dishonored - Corvo's Mask (Updated)




This is a mask I made for Halloween. Based on the main character from the Bethesda game "Dishonored".

The problem I've seen with making this mask is the side pieces are insanely detailed, but when you wear the hood it will completely obscures that, so I opted to create it without the metal side pieces.

The rest of the costume will consist of a coat and a black hooded sweatshirt. The coat was made for me by someone else. I think it turned out really great..

I may try to make a full instructable showing how to make the mask, but I didn't have a lot of time, as I made this for a party in Vegas I'm going to.

Update: I've included photos of the coat, and completely redid the mask ask well. Chin piece came out a bit strange, but I think it's quite an improvement over the old version.



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