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Introduction: Dishwasher Converted Pizza Oven-Smoker

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We replaced our dishwasher. It had issues. Hoping to turn it into a smoker/pizza oven. I thought it was an original idea until I googled it. This one is all stainless. The stove pipe will come out the side where that last plastic piece is. I'm going to weld a frame bigger than the body and wrap it with rock wool and stucco . I will probably incorporate a dolly into the frame to move it. It will have an electric element that is removable so I can burn wood for the pizza oven function. I might control the temperature of the element with an arduino or an STC-1000 temp controller I have from another project .Thinking about using bricks for the trim to give it a brick oven look. The door will be lined with rock wool too. I work for an insulation installer and he kindly donated the rock wool. I'll keep everyone informed and feel free to pitch ideas.

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Step 1: I Hope to Achieve This Look.

I stole these pictures of stuccoed ovens off the net to show what my goal is.

Step 2: Unistrut

I framed the base with unistrut for structure and support. The wheels idea was silly and didn't work was part of the tilt mechanism off a scrapped treadmill.... Maybe if it's on a flat concrete slab but in the yard... Forget moving it

Step 3: The Door Counterbalance

Seemed like a good idea. Put a metal roller instead of plastic, put a cable on it ( not wire shown), left a gap between brick trim and washer tub so the mechanism had room to work ( which made the trim look funny on that side cause it didn't line up ) UPDATE.....all that and it came off and no way to get in there to fix it with stucco on. Guess I'll make a latch

Step 4: Old Wire Shelving I Had Around

This wire shelving will form the main structure for the stucco and leave a gap for the insulation.

Step 5: The Chimney

I found this at the junkyard and bought it for .25 cents. The smoke entrance is placed low inside so it will trap smoke in smoker mode.

Step 6: Taking Shape!

I tried screwing a bracket to support wheels...( update... It was pointless. The final oven was WAY to heavy to move)

Step 7: Craigslist Bricks

I got 200 bricks for $20 off Craigslist. I broke them in half and drilled a hole in the brick with a masonry bit and wood screwed it around the edge.

Step 8: Rockwool Insulation

I stuffed batts of rock wool insulation under the cage. My boss at Big City insulation in Nampa Idaho donated it for the cause :)

Step 9: Stucco Time

One side at a time. I started with a bag of stucco mix but ended up using my own recipe...1 part sand 2 parts Portland.

Step 10: Free Craigslist Bricks

Someone ripped out their fireplace. These will line my oven..

Step 11: Preparing for Stucco

Wired lattice to the structure to support stucco. The more wires the better. No stucco till I do a fire/cook test run

Step 12: Drywall

I got chunks for free at the local construction site junk bin. I had to cut to size and chamfer the edges on the one shown...this is just the outer section to the door is a hollow door and in most places on the door there was room for three thicknesses of drywall.

Step 13: Plinth

Cookie sheet and pine board

Step 14: Got Ingredients

Self explanatory

Step 15: Check This Site Out for Recipes

Step 16: Made the Pie

Experiment but go light on toppings

Step 17: Fire It Up

It was hot enough to cook pizzas in 5 minutes..

Step 18: 90 Seconds With Door Closed

Finished it off by holding it on the plinth towards the top of the oven to brown it for another 30 seconds

Step 19: Garlic Bread

Garlic powder butter and mozzarella

Step 20: Fireplace Mode

Belly full just sitting by the fire now. The heat is so intense and it reflects so well I'm 8 feet away. Much more efficient and warmer than my old copper above-ground fire pit. The outside is cool to the touch all night long. I shut it up and in the morning it was still hot enough to bake bread

Step 21: Finished Stucco

I forgot to mention I drilled a hole for air control through the door. I'll screw a damper plate to it someday. May whitewash outside. May even mortar bricks inside. I like the configuration for sure. Conventional pizza ovens cook on the same surface as the fire. They have to wait for coals. I like this way much better.

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    5 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nice idea

    I was thinking to use a old dishwasher as a smoker, but then i found a smoker for 30$ on a auction plattform and put it beside my pizza oven. Next year, my pizza oven has its 10th anniversary... This calls for a decent party.


    Reply 6 months ago

    Good times around pizza ovens!


    3 years ago

    Awesome! Could be used as a kiln, foundry, or forge with just a few mods. Great work!


    Reply 6 months ago

    A furnace probably if you forced air to it. Other than an oven...we tilt the door down sit around it and use it as an outside fireplace.


    3 years ago

    update: Lining the door with drywall didn't work. It eventually crumbled. I redid it with a rockwool lining. Works great!