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Introduction: Disinfect Lipstick

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Whether you can't recall the last time you've worn it, or it takes a dive out of your purse straight into a potted plant (or worse,) sometimes lipsticks need to be cleaned and disinfected. Rather than throwing out your oh so favorite (and almost discontinued? because that happens) shade, just a quick disinfecting can have it clean and ready to live vibrantly on your lips!

Here's the How To!

Step 1: Scrape Off Top Layer

Because the top layer can have residue such as air particles and lint, its best to scrape off that first thin layer. This can be done with a Q-tip, but I chose to slice it with a kitchen knife for a cleaner finish.

Step 2: Option 1: Dip in Alcohol

No surprise here, alcohol is great at killing germs and bacteria. Even off lipstick.

Dip your lipstick head (or entire applicator) into 70%+ rubbing alcohol, and let sit for 15 minutes.

Step 3: Option 2: Place in Freezer Overnight

Freezing temperatures can also kill germs and bacteria. So popping your lipstick in the freezer overnight will have it ready for use by morning.

Allow to return to room-temperature before application

Step 4: Allow to Air-Dry

Whether you dipped your lipstick in alcohol or placed in the freezer, let it air dry for about 20 minutes.

You're lipstick is now disinfected and ready for use! =*



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    11 Discussions

    rubbing alcohol has no anti-bacterial, disinfecting properties. Ethyl alcohol will do the job.

    1 reply

    "Typical concentrations for use as disinfectant seem to be 60-75% isopropyl alcohol in water."
    Isopropyl alcohol = rubbing alcohol

    Okay, so I'm not supposed to be anything but nice, but this is a ridiculous entry. Germs cannot live in beeswax. Lipstick does not need to be disinfected. Look it up.

    1 reply

    That may be true for pure beeswax, but not for lipstick. Look it up.

    Ur poor traumatised lipstick lol

    Nice to know

    Most bacteria can not be killed by freezing. It merely slows bacterial growth.

    Good to know! You think I can do the same things with eyes pencils? (I found many of them used after a fly market...)
    (I love the little house case of your web!)