Disk Launcher of Doom!

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A simple blank CD/DVD launcher! (OF DOOM) Fun use of things I don't use

Step 1: Why?

It's not about why, it's about why not

And you could use it for defense against zombies! (In your imagination) (I do not condone zombie violence)

Step 2: Stuff Needed!

• Binder Clip x2
•Command Strip x1
•Command Hook x1 (optional though it's a heck of a lot easier with one)
•Double sided duck or packaging tape
•Rubber Band X1 ( If you want to have stronger launch power use more!)
• A Brain
• Glue Gun x1 (with glue)
•Spray Paint (Optional)
•Binder x1
• Blank CDs (unless you want to launch your black sabbath)
• Knife or scissors x1

IMPORTANT!!!! Always be careful using you glue gun! And also in the picture the command strip is on the left and the Command hook is on the right!

Step 3: Cut the Binder!

Cut your binder like in the picture. I recommend an old binder!

Step 4: Attach Rubber Band!

Put your rubber band inside the binder clips so it looks like this. Don't tape it down yet. I took the pictures after I made it

Step 5: Attach Binder Clips!

Tape down the binder clips. Put the double sided tape and stick the binder clips like the photo. Make sure you keep it loose enough that you can pull it back but tight enough it will launch.

You'll most likely notice that when you try to open the binder clips when they're taped they come up a little. This is when you hot glue. Hot glue them so they stay down like the photos.

Step 6: Bring in the Command Strip!

Bring in the command strip and slide it underneath the rubber bands.Like in the photo.Then pull back the command strip so the rubber bands are on the hook. You should now duct tape the rubber bands to the command strip. Only on the parts that are on the command strip. I did not but you should.

Step 7: Attach the Command Hook!

If you use the command hook like I suggested here is how to put it on. Grab a piece of duct tape or hot glue it on I suggest duct tape though and attach the command hook exactly how I have it in the picture.

Step 8: Loading the Launcher!

Put your blank CD how I have it in the photo. Yes I know the command hook looks different from step seven. You are supposed to do it like that,

Step 9: Shooting That Baby!

Pull back the command hook or command strip as I have it in the photo and then pull it back a bit further from the command hook and release.

Step 10: Enjoy!

Please do not shoot your friends this is mainly just for show. Thank you for using my tutorial and don't forget to like and comment and follow me for more!

Stay Derpy my friends



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