Disney Springs Scavenger Hunt

Heading to Disney Springs with a group of teens for my daughter's birthday so we made a scavenger hunt. Download our clue sheet below or create your own.

Step 1: Create Your Clue Sheet, or Use Ours

You can look online at all the stores, restaurants and things to do. From that put together your own clues in a list with checkboxes. Make some so that the teams have to create short videos and some for just still pictures. We used MS Excel to compile it all.

We found a few fonts on a free font website, "New Walt Disney Font" for one, and used that.

If you don't want to make your own, you can use our clue sheet attached, created May 2018. If you're using this a lot later you may want to check to be sure all the clues still apply.

Print it on heavy cardstock and cut it down to a square, so it fits in a gallon Ziploc bag.

Step 2: Prepare Team Packages

We broke into teams of 3 or 4, gave each team a selfie-stick, the clue sheet, a map of the area (available as you enter from the parking garage), a pen and $6. It was looing like rain the day we did it so we put it all in a gallon Ziploc, which was also handy to keep phones dry if it really started raining hard.

Step 3: Some Tips

Our hunt can be completed in about 90 minutes.
A few tips:

- Everyone wear comfortable shoes.

- Disney Springs gets crowded later in the day, so it's best to do early. We started at about 3pm on an overcast Saturday afternoon and that worked pretty well.

- Create text groups for each team and include the game maker for them to send their pictures and videos to.

- Also create a text group for the whole group so you can send updates, clarifications and current score to everyone. We sent a bonus clue about half way through the game, to mix it up a little bit.

- Show the teams how to use the selfie sticks and have them practice with a team picture so everyone is comfortable before they start and you know the connections are working.

- Be sure to get a whole group picture before the hunt starts. You'll definitely want that later.

- Find a place to camp out while the game is going on. The back porch of Starbucks near the orange garage is one good place, there are a bunch though around the area.

- Mash all the pics and video into a movie on iMovie or another mobile app to watch over cake afterwards. Have fun!



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