Dispersion Scatter Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

Introduction: Dispersion Scatter Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

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Hey guys, in this video you can learn how use scatter / dispersion effects in Photoshop. To do this we will use the Marquee Tool, Brush Tool & Quick Selection Tool.

Step 1: Dispersion Effect - Scattering Tutorial - Photoshop

Once you are in the Adobe Photoshop interface, drag and drop the image you are going to be using or go over to file, new then set the width and height to the exact same as the base image you are using and press OK. If you drag and drop remember to double click on the layer to unlock it and convert it to a new layer. Then click on the Quick Selection Tool to highlight the image from the inside out and crop accordingly.

If you do not know how to use the Quick Selection Tool, please see the link below. Quick Selection Tool Tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NacLx98gmdU Once done, right click on the layers and duplicate the newly formed background-less layer. In this tutorial i duplicate the layer twice to get more of a dispersion effect, this is entirely up to you how many extra layers you want to add on top. Rename the layers as i do in the video to Front, Middle, Back etc. Select the back layer, press Ctrl & T for transform and move the layer in the direction you want the dispersion or scatter effect to go then do the exact same for the middle layer. Click filter, liquify to stretch out the image in the direction of the scatter effect bearing in mind that a larger brush size ( i used 340 ) will keep more of the pixels clear than a smaller one. Once happy press OK and do the exact same for the back layer. Next add a mask to each layer by pressing the camera shaped icon in the bottom right on the same panel as add a new layer. On the back and middle layer masks you want to invert them both by pressing Ctrl and I. You know this is done right if they both disappear from view. Click onto your front layer mask and fill with white. If you wish to use the same brush as me then you will need to create a custom brush preset, to do this add a new layer on top, click the Marquee Tool and draw a square anywhere in the layer then right click and fill with black. There are other brush presets available in the brush menu in the top right. Once happy rename to whatever you want and press OK. Delete the layer and deselect the square and show the other layers below, you can now draw squares with the brush tool. To edit the angles and brush sizes go over to window and click brush and toggle with the shape dynamics, scattering and transfer. Also toggle the brush tip shape for the best effects and have smoothing ticked. This will be used to create the dispersion effect. If you want to test your selections just click to the side of the menu and change the brush size with the brackets just below the return and shift key on the keyboard. Then begin to brush starting small only on the visible parts of your front layer and building up in size. Once happy click on the middle layer mask and do the exact same, you will notice that the boxes fill with the middle layer background. Apply the same technique on each layer behind the front. You have now completed the Scattering and Dispersion Effect Tutorial in Adobe Photoshop! Links Twitter: https://twitter.com/SkandyTutorial Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/skandyphotoshoptutorials Google+: https://plus.google.com/108428963018687118256/posts

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