Displaying Morse Code on Chipkit DP 32 Using Arduino IDE

Introduction: Displaying Morse Code on Chipkit DP 32 Using Arduino IDE

In this project, we are going to program a chip kit dp 32 to display a message in morse code using the Arduino IDE. The message to be displayed will be entered as a string in the program.

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Step 1: Everything We Need:

  1. The chip kit dp 32 boards
  2. Pickit 3
  3. Micro usb
  4. Mini usb
  6. Arduino IDE

Step 2: Set Up Dp 32 to Use Arduino IDE

Step 3: Restore Boot Loader on the ChipKIT

  • From the resource centre page https://reference.digilentinc.com/chipkit_dp32:ch... scroll down to Design Resources and download the boot loader.
  • Using MPLAB X IDE, we will upload the boot loader file onto the dp 32. This will allows us to use the Arduino IDE to program the chipKIT :
    1. on MPLAB X start new project: Prebuilt (Hex, Loadable Image) Project
    2. prebuilt filename: browse for the downloaded boot loader hex file: chipKIT_Bootloader_DP32.hex
    3. Select the family (PIC 32), device (PIC32MX250F128B) and the hardware tool (SN: BUR 155130714)
    4. name the project
    5. finish
    6. make sure the project is set as main project
  • Program it onto the board by clicking on the make and program button on top (see picture 3 in this step)
  • The output window tells us once its complete. (as shown in picture 4)
  • We are now ready to start!

Step 4: Creating the Program

picture used to program the code for each letter and number:


Step 5: Testing

Test Case 1: input = SOS

Test Case 2: input = 2021

Test Case 3: input = MSG 3

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