Disposable Beach BBQ Grill





Introduction: Disposable Beach BBQ Grill

This is quick, simple, and cheap!

Our beach rules don't allow for open fires. The official rule states, "Fires must be contained in a metal container". This rule is okay with me, I just didn't want to purchase a smaller BBQ grill or pack one down to the beach- so this was my solution.

This is easy to pack in, if your trip to the beach requires some hiking, and leaves no mess behind!

The pan can be slightly folded to fit into a backpack!

Step 1: Materials

Disposable foil roasting pan

Cheap uncoated cookie racks (from the dollar store, or old ones from the kitchen if you don't mind re-purposing them)

Self lighting charcoal (I like match light with fluid on it already)

a lighter or matches

Things to BBQ in a cooler (we made kabobs) What ever you are willing to carry!

Plastic bags for trash and one to wrap up your racks when you are done to keep everything else clean.

Some Drinks

Secluded beach

Step 2: Set Up and Clean Up

Dig a hole in the sand, away from vegetation, the size of your pan.

Insert pan. We also placed some rocks around the pan. This made it look more like a fire pit and created a visual barrier so the kids knew where the "grill" was.

Add charcoal and light. This is tricky in the wind.

Top with the wire cooling racks.




Be merry!

When you are done extinguish the coals --or just stay long enough that they burn out and make sure they are cool and completely out. Remove your grill set up. Fill in the hole. Pack out your trash. Leave no evidence that you were ever there!

After trying this over the weekend I found that the disposable roasting tray really held up to the heat. Since we just did beef, shrimp, and pineapple kabobs we didn't require too much charcoal. Plus we didn't need plates or forks and knives to eat. Just some napkins.

Other things we took with us...

a separate small cooler with drinks, chips, sunscreen, sand toys, towels, Lysol wipes, baby wipes, and some cooking utensils.

The more hands you have the more you can pack in.

Each beach has different rules, know them. But if you get yourself in some trouble play "innocent tourist" :)
But most importantly PACK OUT YOUR TRASH!

Next time will be even cheaper because all I need is another disposable roasting pan. We will also bring some foil to cover the meat while it is cooking.



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    11 Discussions

    TIP: take two aluminum pans, one for the charcoal and one for the cover of the 'BBQ' also dont forget metal clips to hold it together not plastic! :)

    What I like about this though is you can use a roaster depth aluminum pan which gives more fire box space. The ones in the dollar stores are good but are generally quite shallow.

    Yeah, Socal. I seem them all the time in the 99cent only stores. The only change I would make to them for easier lighting would be to change the plastic wrap bag that holds the coals to a wax paper so when it comes time to light it you don't have to worry about fluid or how much wind there is. Just light the match, throw it inside the packaging and wait for the white ash.

    Just an FYI Hawaii is in America, since 1959 :-)

    I like the dollar store idea, multiple set ups for $2. ($1 for two racks & $1 for two aluminum lasagna pans.) The prepackaged ones aren't as cost effective.

    Very good! Easy components, easy fire management, and easy disassembled. A few pieces of driftwood can extend your fire giving some time to relax when dinner is over. Doesn't get much better than that.

    But most importantly PACK OUT YOUR TRASH!

    Good job Friend! this is the only planet we got!

    Please make sure to either spread the dangerously hot sand from under the grill or fill the pit with cold sand when you're done.

    They are for sale here in Europe, too.

    I havent seen one where i live but cool idea none the less :D