Disposable Hole Reamer for Wood



Introduction: Disposable Hole Reamer for Wood

Here is a hole reamer for wood that you can make on the fly on your work site.

This tool allows you to enlarge a hole in a piece of wood cleanly with precision.

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Step 1: Introduction

You drill a hole in a piece of wood to put a bolt in it but you cannot insert it easily (unless you use a hammer or a mass) because it fit too tight.

I build this tool to resolve this problem.

It is cheap, easy to build, easy to adapt to different size of hole and disposable after use.

Step 2: Material

Parts concerned:

Any dowel, a rod, the handle of a wooden spoon, a pen that is smaller than your hole and your drill.

You don't need to cut you rod if it is too long. (Why wasting a good rod by cutting it.)

A small piece a sand paper.

A small piece of duck tape.

A drill.

Step 3: Tool Assembly

Tape a small piece of sand paper to the rod.

Wrap the sand paper around the rod.

Fix the other side of the tool in your drill.

Insert the side of the rod with the wrap sand paper in the hole and start the drill.

The rotation of the sand paper in the hole will enlarge it as needed. It does a nice and very clean and controlled enlargement of the hole.

For my project, 1 turn of sand paper around the rod was enough for my needs, you can use more turn as needed as long as it fit in the hole. The tool/sand paper expand when you use it because of the rotation of he tool.

Step 4: No Need to Be Super Perfect

I had to enlarge a hole in an assembly of wood of about 10 inches deep.

The only rod that had that can go from one side of the hole to the other side is 3 feet long. I use the rod without cutting and it worked without problem. The tool wobble a bit with the drill but did the job nicely. (See picture of the tool.)

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