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Introduction: Disposable/Temporary Litter Box


I recently rescued a kitten and I needed to make him his own litter box. I don't want him to upset the other cats I have, he may be sick, and he's not inside all the time and it won't be permanent. This Instructable costs pretty much nothing to do. If you're wondering my new kittens name is "Little Carlin" and he looks to be what 2 weeks?, I don't know not very old. Thank you for reading this.

Step 1: Supplies

This is what you need for this project:
1.Cereal Box
2.Cutting Utensil
3.Plastic Bag
5.Cat Litter
6.Cute Little Kitten

Step 2: Preparing the Cereal Box

1.Empty out any cereal that is in the box
2.Tape up the end you opened, or if you do this before you openthe box skip this step entirely

Step 3: Cutting the Cereal Box

Now if you're like me just cut a hole in the box that takes up most of the top, if you want to be a perfectionist you can measure and draw yourself lines so that everything is even, but comeone lets face it this is a disposable litterbox so that's not really important.

Step 4: Putting in the Plastic Bag

Now i just used a plastic bag from a random grocery store. Lay the bag flat in the cereal box and then tape down the sides that hang over the top. If they're too long (like on the handles) you can cut them with the knife, and if you want to decorate the litter box you will need to cut them shorter. Tape it to the box all the way around it.

Step 5: Das Ende

For the final step just pour in your litter. When the litter needs changed you can dump it out or if it gets really messy simply undo the tape and pull the plastic bag out and tape down a new one. Thank you for wasting your time with my instructable I appreciate it. Please comment.



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    20 Discussions

    Awesome!! You saved my day!! Thank you soooo much!!!

    According to the pics, your 'temporary' kitty is at least 2 months old. Cute btw !

    You don't even really need to use the plastic bag, just use plenty of litter and replace the box itself every week or two. I've done this when we've gotten an "unexpected" new addition and didn't have a spare litter tray handy.

    My cats never liked litter liners anyway. When they dig, their claws catch on the plastic bag and then they get annoyed, and the liner now has holes, and it's just too much hassle than it's worth.

    I would never use plastic with litter again. After I did that, the cats thought any plastic bag was okay to pee on, anywhere in the house. Just a thought! Go kitty lovers! Dog lovers!

    1 reply

    Oh i never thought of that, I never had that problem with my cats but i can see how they could be confused. I actually don't use this litter box anymore because all the cats are used to eachother now.

    Good idea btw I hope I'm not the only one that got the cereal killer joke in step 1 pic 1 lol

    1 reply

    Since the instructable, I have thoroughly cleaned the laundry room where the litterboxes are!