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Its a cribbage board layout, for engraving into a piece of wood.

In the last week in Dundee I managed to get round to doing something that has been plaguing me for about two years: a cribbage board from my friend Suzy. I had already drilled the holes and it took me a while to think up something to laser engrave. I eventually decided on a kind of \'field of shapes\' thing given that the board was already punctuated by hundreds of circular holes.

It would have been much easier to engrave first, then drill but hey, sometimes things don\'t happen in the right order! I have put up the .svg for the layout however so that others can do it in the right order.

There is significance in the name of this cribbage board, but it might take you a while to realise..

The typeface I used is Cooper Black.


Step 1: Get Wood, Engrave and Cut

* Get a piece of wood, at least 290mm x 88mm x 20mm.
* Engrave the attached .svg into it.
* Drill the holes marked in red on the .svg (you could engrave these to a shallower depth to help identify them). Drill to half the depth of the material. I'm pretty sure I used a 2.5mm bit..
* Cut the wood on a bandsaw around the outline and sand to finish.

Step 2: Play!

* Play with matches! Not in a firey sense, in a cribbage sense.

I recovered this matchbox in gummy tape and made a little divider for the middle from cardboard and gummy tape. I burnt half the matches and put them in one side, and virgin matches in the other so there are two colours to play with. i don't actually play cribbage so i have no real idea if that is of any help!



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    9 years ago on Introduction

     I don't know anything about cribbage, but I think I'm going to use this idea to make a portable Go board using matches.