About: 7th grader at Houston middle school

I chose this design because I believe that everyone should be kind and respectful to one another. Although people may be different in their races and backgrounds, we are all citizens in the United States of America. My design symbolizes the winter holiday with everybody in his or her own separate customs, but they are all holding hands. Instead of judging their beliefs and traditions, they respect each other for who they are. I hope you would also share the winter spirit with various groups of people.


1. I began thinking of something unique and creative that could symbolize unity and the winter spirit mixed together. I got the idea of children from different customs holding hands.

2. I diagramed the U.S.A. flag because we are the citizens of U.S.A.

3. I diagrammed the children with clothes from their religious/traditional backgrounds. Their clothes represent holidays in the winter.

4. I linked their hands to represent unity in U.S.A.



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