Dividing Aloe Plants




Intro: Dividing Aloe Plants

So here they are, the two aloe plants i bought at the farmers market last July. They have grown a bit and been divided plenty, there are now 32 of them.

So on to the division, you will need the following
some plants which have sprouted thru the potting soil in at least 2 places.
extra pots
extra dirt, potting mix, compost or whatever else you like to put houseplants in.
little shovel wouldn't hurt
broom and dustpan,

Step 1: Out of the Old

Gently loosen the plant in the old pot. If it is plastic you can squeeze it a bit to make the container flex. Be gentle if you choose this method. you will need that old pot,  to reduce  cleaning i plopped this one right into one of the new pots.

At this point take the new plant out of the soil trying to break as few roots as possible.  Set the new (smaller) plant aside andplace the older, larger plant in the big ol new pot.

Step 2:

Pack the planting mix in around the plant  lightly.
move near a nice sunny window.  Next do the same with the smaller plants and don't forget to give em a  drink.



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6 years ago on Introduction

I'm confused. How did you make 2 plants from the one? How exactly do you "divide" them? I have a big plant that I'd like to do this too. Thanks.

2 replies

Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

The plants spread by popping up new growth near the older plant. If you look in the first picture there are smaller leaf structures not attaced to the main plant. You would split these off to have a new plant.