Diwali Tree

Introduction: Diwali Tree

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The festival of Lights, Colors and Joy!
Diwali happens to be my favorite Festival. There are Rice lights, Fireworks, Oil Lamps, Rangoli, Flowers and tons of other decoration throughout the places.

One thing I've always missed is the Bright, Shiny, Glamorous Christmas tree Found I've seen in many photos. The Lights and the Glow always had me carried away. Unfortunately, Christmas trees don't grow well in here. Does that mean I am out of all the fun?
Of-course NOT!

I have adored an Himalayan Fishtail palm with rice lights, to feast my eyes on. The tree has been in our hall since long and will stay with us forever. Whats more, The rice lights also work as a night lamp, Filling the whole house with soft glow and more than enough lumens to navigate around. Infact, its so smooth yet bright, it happens to be a good mood-lamp as well.!

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