Dixie Cup Popsicle




Introduction: Dixie Cup Popsicle

The other day, I was in the mood for a popsicle, so I looked in the freezer and-GASP! NO POPSICLES!!!

So I thought, hmmm, I haven't DIYed something for a while... so why not now?

1 dixie cup
1 popsicle stick
app. 1 cup of desired liquid (I used orange Kool-Aid)

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Step 1: Combining the Supplies

When I first tried this, I thought I'd just use some aluminum foil and keep the popsicle stick upright that way. Unfortunately, the dixie cup was too deep for that.
So, I put the foil over the top, and taped the stick to it, like in the picture below.

Step 2: You're Done!!!

After everything has been prepared, put it all in the freezer and wait for  about 24 hours

Now go ahead and enjoy the (NAME OF FLAVOUR HERE)-y goodness!!!

(Idea-try "layering" flavours in the cup!)

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