Diy Bandana Purse




Introduction: Diy Bandana Purse

You can make this fashionable bandana purse with a few materials and about 20 minutes of your time

what you will need:
Bandana of your choice
thread+needle (or liquid stitch)
and a cheapo belt (i found two for a dollar at a local flea market)

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Step 1:

Once you find a bandana of your liking, iron it to get rid of any if at all wrinkles

Step 2:

now fold.
first picture is of the first fold you must make.
the second, is the second fold.
then you sew downward
then repeat to the other side

Step 3:

Now get the cheapo belt, and cut of the buckle.
now, cut a slit on each side of the bag, and sew in the belt

Step 4:

if you wish so, add a button and  ribbon or Velcro to keep your new purse closed

Step 5:

and there you have it.

A bandana purse!

Step 6:

or liquid stitch that *bleep*

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    I would love to see your intake of this inscrutable!