Awesome Wood Jewelry




Introduction: Awesome Wood Jewelry

About: My name is Rebeka, I'm a hungarian girl from Transylvania, I like interesting and unique things, I'm passionate about creating accessories like jewelry and many other things.

This is my new natural jewelry. I got a package little wood stick and that was a very good commodity for a jewelry. In that jewelry I try to return the abstract cubist feeling

Step 1: The Basic Commodity

For the jewelry i need some little tree wand (approx. 4.3 cm ,1.7 inch) , tree glue , some pieces of material .

Step 2: The Assembly

Based on the sample I glue the wood stick one for the other and on the contact point I burnish it from the both stick.

Step 3: The Painting

I paint it white. I think that even like this we can use it like a jewelry.

Step 4: The Background Stuff

From the stuff i cut a piece ,same with the hole. And that i glue on the base. In a stuff i sew a ring and that i glue on the back of the jewelry.‎

Step 5: The Final Result



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    Rad necklace, definitely trying this out! I'm gonna try to cut the tips off of matchsticks and use those :o)

    This would look really cool with a silver paint dry brush job, or a light coat of rub-n-buff

    Thats a good idea, and feasible for me, but maybe the resalt would be not that naturalistic, thanks the idea .

    I think the jewelry could be even more beautiful using metal instead of wood, but even it's strange to me the Goldsmith's art.


    1 year ago

    This reminds me of the Polynesian sea chart maps made from sticks and shells. Neat idea!

    1 reply

    Thanks to the fact that you raised your attention on the Polynesian sea chart charts, that is very interesting and very cool, that the jewelry is similar to these chart charts, thank you very much for this information.