Diy Bass Drum Pedal for Diy Electronic Drum Kit/Rock Band Fix




Introduction: Diy Bass Drum Pedal for Diy Electronic Drum Kit/Rock Band Fix

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This is my first instructable so be nice!

This will hopefull tell you how to create your very own bass drum/hi-hat pedal for you DIY electronic drum kit (mine coming soon!) to gamepad hack or as a fix for your rock band pedal (not tested since i don't have rock band). I seriously made this out of things I found in my room and in the backyard. All you need to get started is:

- about 1cm thick wood. Can be either MDF or particle board. I used particle board. Must be enough for a stable base and the foot pedal. I measured my foot and exanded about 10cm before i decided the final cut
- 2x4
- Spring
- Micro switch
- Hinge
- Screws and

Be warned! This pedal will make you/your set-up look ghetto as!

Step 1: The Base

First we gonna make the base and the foot pedal. Firstly measure and cut a rectangle that's about bigger then your foot then add about 5cm border. Next place that in the centre of the piece of wood thats your base and make give it a 20 cm border. Now as my old wood work teacher said, "Measure twice cut once" check all of your measure meants then cut.

Once you're done head over to the next step!

Step 2: The Pedal Stopper and the Microswitch Holder

Now we're gone make that L-shape thing that holds the microswitch and stops the pedal from violently slamming against the microswitch wearing it out faster or smashing it's box completely.

This takes a bit opf trail and error so heres what i did.

1. I placed the foot pedal on the base. mark the bottom of the pedal. This makes it easier to place the hinge. I then pressed the side of the "L" of the 2x4 against the side of the pedal and placed the bottom of the L on the bottom of the pedal so looking up, the 2x4 was directly underneath the pedal

2. I hammered on the microswitch (you should use screws) into place. I positioned it so that when the pedal was depressed, it would smack against the wooden stopper and would lightly press the microswitch and hear a click

3. After that I drilled it all into place

Step 3: Hinge and Spring

Hopefully you marked the bottom of the pedal yeah? Now just drill the hinge there and viola! You can raise the pedal and it won't go now where. Now the hard part is mounting the spring. I'll leave that up to you.

Step 4: Finish!1!!!1!!

Well done you u83r 1337 h@x0r!1!!!11!! you've created your very own ghetto looking pedal! Just remember that on the microswitch you need to wire normally open (N.O) because you want the circuit to be closed when you step on it and the L on top is ground.

Keep a look out for my DIY drum kit coming to an instructable near you!1!!1!!111!!1111!!!

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    4 Discussions


    11 years ago on Introduction

    find another howto guide on my site!


    12 years ago on Introduction

    I just built one of these inspired by your design. The differences? There are only two planks, one for the base and one for the pedal, no other wood sticking up. Instead of a microswitch, I used a smaller spring positioned halfway between the large spring and the hinge, which touches down on a washer on the base. This way, if you press down a little too far the spring just bends inwards while still keeping the connection, increasing durability. No sensitive parts to break, just heavy duty springs and oak =D


    12 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea! i'll try to implement that too on my design. Thanks