Diy Beach Candle




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Step 1:

Those awesome candles you love can sometimes be overpriced, but with beeswax, coconut oil, vanilla extract, coloring, and imagination, you can get your candles for pretty much free!

Step 2:

What you'll need

Beeswax (as much as your container needs) mine was about 2-4 ozs

Wax coloring (I tried food coloring and it flopped a bit, but it's like a mixed ombré look)

Smells (vanilla extract and salt) be very careful with this, when I put in the vanilla extract it made a bubbling noise and wax spattered for 40 secs

Seashells ( if there is such a thing as clear wax these are really pretty to mix in with it, but mine are super faint)


Cotton string or wick


Coconut oil (just a bit :) Like 1 TB per stick of beeWax

Step 3:

Melt the beeswax on the stove, if you have to use the microwave make sure that your jar doesn't get too hot and explode, I've had this happen be very careful

If you are making a wick out of cotton string, melt beeswax dip it into her three times and let it sit, I put mine on the fridge with a clip to hang

Add your smells and coloring, mine didn't mix too well, and at one point it turned a bit green so I thought "hey! It could be a candle against ocean pollution!" :) but it was all good in the end

Step 4:

Get the wick, shells, and sand situated in the bottom

Step 5:

Pour in the wax, and let sit for a few minutes

Step 6:

Then refrigerate until the wax has cured and isn't hard, but isn't liquid

Then let it sit on the counter and harden

Step 7:

Enjoy your candle!



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