Diy Bottle Rocket



Introduction: Diy Bottle Rocket

a bottle rocket is powered by water pressure building up enough pressure till it shoots off, they are great fun and are one of the best bottle rocket designs

so today i will show you the key to this simple design wining rockets

Note: you need a bottle rocket launcher

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Step 1: Items You Need

.What you need
.Two or more identical 1 liter plastic soft drink bottle

.Stanley knife or scissors

.Bike pump(Depends on what type of bottle rocket launcher you have)

.Bottle rocket launcher

.Sticky tape

A mindset ready to have fun

Step 2: Preparing the Bottle Rockets

With the bottles you will need to cut off the diameter near the lid which will be the part that's width is identical to the bottom. After cutting that you won't need the large part anymore

The part you just then cut off will become your rocket nose cone

Step 3: Making the Rocket

To make the bottle rockets you take the rocket front you sliced off and sticky tape that piece to the bottom of the bottle to make the rocket more aerodynamic. fill with one quarter of water compared to the bottle(about 250mls). Place it on the launch and have a blast!.

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