Diy Bow Tie From Featers ( Groom's)




About: My name is Rebeka, I'm a hungarian girl from Transylvania, I like interesting and unique things, I'm passionate about creating accessories like jewelry and many other things.

When one of my friend had to attend a wedding he was searching for a bow tie. Then I had the idea to make a bow tie from feathers .


Step 1: The Basic Commodity

You will need tulle and guinea fowl , turkey feather.

Step 2: The Bow

From the tulle you cut approximately 25*19 cm layout rectangle. You pile up the 2 longer borders and you sew the finals. Then you on the half forbear the tulle and sew together. On the half you crinkle the tulle and sew together.

Step 3: The Feather

You glue on the bow the guinea fowl feather one after the other on both sides. On the half with a tulle piece you cover the feathers ends .Then on the half we glue 2 stratum of turkey feather .

Step 4: The Leather Strap

A rectangle shape leather you glue on the half and put on his back a metal brooch back. Then you sew the leathers ends.

Step 5: The Final Result



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    2 years ago

    What kind of glue did you use?