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Introduction: Diy Brushless Pump

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make an easy brushless water pump

you can use it to make fountains, mini waterfalls, emegercy pump or wherever you want

we need

  • 3d printer
  • instand glue
  • epoxic glue
  • color spray
  • soldering iron
  • cutter or sandpaper
  • cpu or gpu fan

Step 1: The Motor

find a brushless motor from cpu or gpu 0.5A at least

the brushless motor can run very very long time instead of a brushed one

and are very good for water pumps

Step 2: Tear Down

  • remove the plastic ring from the shaft behind the fan
  • remove the fan
  • remove the ball bearings
  • clean it all from dust

Step 3: Remove the Flaps

you will need only the center with the magnet and shaft

so brake gently all the flaps and make the center smooth with a sandpaper or cutter(be careful)

Step 4: Add the Cable

remove the cables and add one only at GND and +12v

many motors have 3 cables

  • RED : +12v
  • YELLOW : fan speed tacho signal

this motor have 4 cables use only GND and +12v

  • YELLOW : +12v
  • GREEN : fan speed tacho signal
  • BLUE : pwm

Step 5: Make It Waterproof

add epoxy glue on the pcb to make it waterproof

cover carefully all the parts and take a look for any bubbles

then add a tape around the core

add epoxy to the core to protect the coils

Step 6: Make It More Waterproof

for better water resistance paint it with a spray to close any small holes

DONT use it in aquariums if you dont sure about the spray you use, maybe is not good for the life there! maybe some colors are a little TOXIC.

if you have any suggestion about that let me know!

Step 7: Shaft Holder

dont use ball bearings under the water

i use a shaft holder from a non ball bearing fan, i think is from


(is the same 3mm)

Step 8: Impeller

with instant glue add the impeller to the center of the magnet and shaft

Step 9: All the Parts Together

print the .stl file and resize them for your motor

put all the parts together and make sure for any leakages

Step 10: End

(this is just an idea make yours better, with better results )

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thanks a lot!

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