Diy Bucket Hydroponics

Introduction: Diy Bucket Hydroponics

This Instructable shows how to create a easy hydroponic system using a 5 gallon bucket, some plastic pots, a marker and a knife. this type of hydroponics is kind of half hydroponics and is easier to maintain.

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Step 1: Gather Items

The first step is to get your items you need

a 5 gallon bucket with plastic lid

potting mix


seeds or small plants

plastic pots or cups

some time

a knife

a marker


aquarium airline

air pump air stone

nutrient mix.

Step 2: Begin

Start working by tracing the rim of the plastic pot you are using with a marker on the plastic lid. Then start to cut out the shape that you drew but try to make it a bit smaller than the shape so that the pot's lip holds it up on the bucket.

Step 3: Pebbles and Soil

If you want to make real hydroponics you can use just clay pebbles or pea gravel.but I wanted to make mine more of a self watering pot system so I did a layer of pebbles and then a layer of dirt. If you are doing half hydroponics make sure to have the very bottom of the pot scrape the surface of the water.

Step 4: Extras

If you would like to make this real hydroponics you can use just clay pebbles or gravel and use a air stone. in this setup you would need to put nutrient mixes in to keep the plants alive. I prefer the " half hydroponics" version because it is easier to maintain.

Step 5: Planting the Crop

Planting is the best part on my opinion, you get to choose what plants you want to grow in your hydroponic system. your best bets are herbs, small peppers, strawberrys, lettuce, spinach, other leafy greens and dwarf tomatoes. I planted chives, hot peppers, tomatoes, and leafy greens.

Step 6: Real Hydroponics

To Make this real hydroponics this project add a air stone to the bottom of the bucket and add a nutrient liquid to the water.

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    Very nice :)


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    This looks great and easy to make :)