Diy Christmas Ornaments

Introduction: Diy Christmas Ornaments

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Ever wanted to make your own family ornaments that will last for years to come? Here I tell you how in three easy steps.

Stuff I used:
-Thin pieces of wood (my scrap bin had some craft plywood, poplar, and pine).
-a scroll saw (could use a jigsaw or hand saw)
-sand paper
-Acrylic paint (I'm sure any paint would suffice)

*No saw? You might use cardboard and scissors. Follow the same steps but coat with modge podge after paint dries.

Step 1: Draw a Picture

First if there's any loose fibers on your wood sand them off or your paint might lift them up.

Choose your favorite characters, animals, or items and draw them out on your wood pieces. Don't forget to draw your hanging hole.

Step 2: Cut It Out

Cut around the outline of each ornament, then drill your hanging hole. I had to sand out my edges a bit after cutting.
Note- you can stack cut to make multiples of each

Step 3: Paint It

Grab your paint set and get at it. Grab your spouse, grab your kids, have fun painting your ornaments together, it will add much more to their value knowing you made them together. After they dry slip in some ribbon, string, or a paperclip to hang it.

Here's what I've made so far, I hope it gives you some fun ideas. I've never painted before but it seems so easy if I reference a picture.

Don't forget to leave a comment, and have a happy holiday season.

Step 4: 2014 Update

This year I decided to add a Pokemon to the family.

Step 5:

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