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Introduction: Diy Cinch Bag

I wanted to make my dad a Fathers day present (a little late but...) out of some old stuff I had laying around. My mom suggested a cinch bag and i thought that would be great. After a YouTube video and some time I had a wonder full bag for my dad. This will take you approx. couple hours depending your Sewing and Fabric skills.

!Please be careful Working with needles and sharp objects is Dangerous!

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Step 1: Fabric and Tools

I decided to use a old t-shirt my dad had lying around and a pair of jeans I got for about a $1 at the thrift store(Remember always check your local thrift/charity store) You will also need some rope. I used some rip cord from a local store. It's not the best but it will do.


Sewing Machine

Fabric scissors

Fabric cutting board





Step 2: Cutting

You will need two 15in by 15in pieces from the shirt you chose and two 5in by 15in from the jeans you choose. When I cut the Jean's leg I left one of the seams sewed so I wouldn't have to re sew it. This is what it should look like when you cut the fabric. Make sure your pieces are the same size. Remember they do not have to be perfect :-)

Also you will need approx. 2 yards of rope. Now put that to the side and grab your sewing machine!

Step 3: Sewing

!Becareful! Please ask an adult for help with this part. Also check pics in confused.

(Remember to do steps to both sides)


Sew you jeans to your shirt. Just your bottom to the Jeans. Make sure that the pieces match up to each before sewing.

(Rememberthat you are turning this inside out at the end)


Depending on you rope, fold the top of your t-shirt 1in to 3/4in over to create a loop/hole for your rope to go into. This is where your going the to snake the rope through.

Step 4: Warning

Half way through the project I discovered my sewing machine stopped working right. A first I weren't sure what the problem was. Then I discovered that the needle was bent. It wasn't even that much just slightly. I did not get a pic but wish o could of, but I felt like throwing this in here for newer people to sewing.

Step 5: Threading Your Rope

This is probably the easiest part (at least for me...)

At this point your cinch bag should be inside out with the sides un-sewn with a loop at the top.

What you should do is attach a Safety pin to the end of one of the rope and this should help you pull it if your having difficultly already.


I hope my drawing helps but what I'm trying to show is black is the beginning and you have to bring the rope through the first loop then bring it out the other side bring it through the next loop then bring that same rope back through the same loop as the beginning and bring it out the end. Hopefully this is less confusing then i think it is! XD


After you do the first step you should be able to pull both end's of the strings and it should close the top.

Now that where on track this is what you do next. Take both ends of the rope put them through the top and out through the bottom corners. Next do a double knot in the bottom of the rope so it does not come out after we sew it back. Make sure you can get each side as equal as you can before continuing.

Step 6: Back to Sewing

Now we must bring back the sewing machine. And I thought we were almost done too!

First: I went as close to the two seams where the rope is as i could and began sewing using the foot of the sewing machine as a guide. Make sure to keep your fabric aligned along the way. When you get to the bottom where the rope is sew as close to it as you can without sewing into it.

Step 7:

Fold your bag inside out, and if you did it right, you should have an Awesome cinch bag! Please leave questions in the comment box and also show me some pics if you try this your self! :-)

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