Diy Custom Rc Dump Truck With Fpv



Introduction: Diy Custom Rc Dump Truck With Fpv

About: Me and my daughter just tincker together, and figured we'd share them with a crowd that may enjoy them like instructables.

Don't forget to watch my home made dump truck tow my son!

(NOTE:) My fpv system is down. will post another step and video when working thanks.

This truck is one my favorite builds, Because moving dirt and dumping it in is my personal favorite part. So in this instructable i'll just be showing how i put it together, Anyone with the basic knowledge of gluing and screwing and negative goes to negative, and posative goes to posative can do it. Greatest thing about building your own models is, You can detail it to your specific needs as you got. My builds aren't detail oriented purppossley, Iike rugged and easy to fix. I hope it helps you in your next build. Don't forget to check out my dump truck baby towing video.

Step 1: Parts List

Instead of typing all the things i bought, I decided to provide pictues and the website were i got my parts at. When building my own things, i constently find myself constently improoving and changing things i hope it helps.

Step 2: Frame Assembly

So my frame is nothing but alluminum l bracket, Cut,glued, and screwed to my length and specifications my truck is 271/2" X 11". I don't use shocks or struts on my trucks, So i compansate with super sized tires to absorb that the bumps and rough terrain. My frame is long and one continuos piece, The reason i did this is so i can fit some nice sized batteries in it. And make my dump bed super big.

Step 3: Electronics

So this is how i layed out my electronics, i keep them open and spread out for easy fix.i treid keeping my motor as far as to the side as i could, so my drive shafts where as straight as possible.

Step 4: Dump Bed

My bed is 151/2"L 101/2"W and 3"D, I can roughly haul between 15-25 pounds of dirt conservativly Made by all chaulk board wood and JB weld. I added two six volt 100:1 gear ratio fergelli actuators, For extra lift i used two but you can always use one.

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