Diy Cute Halloween Mummies!(From Dead Batteries!!)

Introduction: Diy Cute Halloween Mummies!(From Dead Batteries!!)

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Hi Everybody,
Decorate your house with these super cool! Halloween Mummies which are made of dead 9v Batteries!
Use these as a decor for your Side Tables , In Living rooms and etc.!!
These Mummies are cool and cute and no one will believe you made these!

Step 1: Materials Required

We will need :-
1x any Old Battery
2x Plastic Eyes
1 Meter white cloth (1 cm width)
1x Quick Dry ,One Drop Adhessive

Just 4 things!

Step 2: Start Wrapping From Top

Start by putting the cloth on top of the battery and sticking with one drop of Adhessive.

Step 3: Put One Drop Adhessive After Every 2 Turns

By this way cloth would not open if your fingers slips from the Battery

Step 4: Make X-Cross Pattern If Possible

Try to make the x - cross and Zig-Zag Pattern because never are straight wrapped.and it makes a design in it too.

Step 5: Add the Eyes

When you reach in the middle , when you think that it's background is white add both the eyes and make another Turn of cloth to hide some part of both the eyes.
See the bottom part of eyes ^^^ it has some part of eyes covered with cloth.

Step 6: Stick the End

Stick it with 1 drop adhessive.

Step 7: Adding the Bottom Part

I have got a watch backcover which was broken some days ago.
I found it very good when I stuck the whole thing to it .

Step 8: Add the Bottom of Mummy

Add lots of Adhessive and leave it for drying for 1 min. And Done!

Step 9: Done!

Everybody can make these simple mummies at there homes and it also is Cute and simple !
Reuse your dead batteries by making these!
Think of making the whole mummy Family out of different sized Batteries.

Thank you,and Vote for me in contests too!
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    5 Discussions

    Mr AbAk
    Mr AbAk

    5 years ago

    Awesomely cute Ible...

    It is super cute! It would be fun to use these to make place setting cards (put on top) or food labels ("italian dressing" "fish eyes" "sour cream") for a buffet at a Halloween party. You could use a piece of cardstock for the base, as I doubt many people have loads of broken watches sitting around. :)

    Ayush Sharma
    Ayush Sharma

    Reply 5 years ago

    Nice Adding up of New Ideas! ?