Diy: Duct Tape Rose (Pencil Topper)

Introduction: Diy: Duct Tape Rose (Pencil Topper)

My First Instructable ? Yay
This is a rose pencil topper. its pretty easy and doesn't take long to make. Hope you like it! If you don't understand anything, plz say it in the comments! I would be glad to answer it.?

-What You Would Need-
duct tape
pencil or pen

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Step 1: Covering the Pencil

Grab Your pencil and take a piece of duct tape and place it round your pencil. It doesn't matter how long the piece of duct tape has to be

Step 2: Making the Petals

now make about 11 pieces of duct tape that's about two inches long. you can make more pieces, but I suggust 11.

then with the pieces, to make a petal, fold one corner into the middle then the one across from it. do this until all of your pieces are petals.
(if you don't want your petals with a point, cut the top like the top of a circle just do that to the top where the point is)

Step 3: Placing the Petals

now, get a petal and wrap it around the end of the pencil. do that with all the petals

Step 4: Finishing the Pencil

now, get a piece of duct tape about 1 1/2 inches long and cut it in half so they're skinny. now wrap it around the bottom of the rose petals to cover the bottom of the petals.
now your done! yay?

Step 5: Tip: Removing Duct Tape Before Sharpening

when your about to sharpen your pencil, and you the duct tape is blocking you from sharpening it, there's a way to remove it.

first get a pair of scissors. then open it up to the place on the pencil you would like to remove the duct tape underneath it.
do that around the pencil. then look for the crease (I think it's called) and start peeling off the duct tape. now you can sharpen it.

Step 6: Other Ways

You Can make a rose other ways also. One ways is to make a dome shaped rose by having smaller petals then adding length every four petals. Another way is to make it like a tree. Get two petals about two inches. Then,get petals about 1 1/2 inches and add it. You start out with the same instructions for the pencil/pen.

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