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Introduction: Diy Electric Heated Insoles (usb Rechargeable)

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After viewing hand warmer my friend challenged me to make something that can keep his feet warm in snow and in daily use too

Thus i am proud to present "DIY HEATED INSOLES"

These insoles are very easy to make and a special focus is kept on their performance and the ease of getting the materials required

In order to have a detailed look at the project watch this YouTube video


Step 1: Grab Them All...

conducting wire

li ion 18650 batteries


insole of your size and an insole of smaller size

30swg copper wire 10m

soldering iron

hot glue gun


wire cutter and stripper

paper hole puncher

Step 2: Make a Template

Using the smaller insole draw and cut out a template

smaller insole is used in order to get a perfect fit in the shoe

also heating is proper as thier is no contactless point on the insole

Step 3: Using Puncher Make Holes

By making holes all around the insole we make sure that our heating element(copper wire windings) will stay in place even with the foot movement .

then measure a copper wire of 30swg in 10metre length and cut into half of 5m pieces for each shoe.

the resistance of copper wire will be 6.4ohm of the 10m wire that will be unvieled and tested later

Step 4: Wind in the Described Fashion

wind the copper wire according to your feet pressure points

no. of windings




Step 5: Protect the Heating Element

the copper wires are now exposed and thus may get stuck in your feet and get destroyed.thus cut out two pieces of thick paper and glue it onto the heating insole


Using a lighter burn out the insulation of the copper wire and then rub off all the insulation by a fine grit sand paper.

After removal of the insulation just wrap the copper wire end around the wire and solder it.

Now using a heat shrink tubing make your connections short-circuit proof.


Solder the two lithium-ion 18650 cells in parallel.

We need an increased capacity as it runs at a longer duration of time.

make sure that you don't get your soldering iron for too long in contact with the batteries.

Step 8: Electronics Time

Solder all the electronics components as shown in the circuit diagram.

The diode is the major component here that provides us a voltage drop of 0.8v as when connected across a 5v usb jack it would lead to a voltage of 4.2 across the li ion cell which is the safe charging voltage for it.

Step 9: Tape Up Everything

Preferably use electrical tape in order to get a nice and tight fit of all the electronic components onto the battery pack.


Solder the male and female headers.using hot glue gun secure the connection junction and smooth it with a piece of paper.these are the outcomes of what i have learnt from a lot of prototypes


voltage=4.08 v

current=1.23 A

resistance=3.2 ohm

power=5.01 watts

run-time >4 hrs

the runtime of 4 hrs may seem less but actually 4 hrs meant 4 days for me because after turning on for just 15 minutes my shoes kept warm for 2hrs in snow.

it also includes a auto shutdown feature that you might even never have thought of...

when the copper wire heats up it leads a increase in its resistance due to which the power output decreases and thus decreasing the heat automatically

Step 12: Put It All Together

Put the heating insole below your regular insole.

In between the laces put the battery pack and tighten them it ensures a perfect fit of batteries without compromising the comfort.

Now the test results shows a very favorable shoe temperature.



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    3 Discussions

    Warm feet are a wonderful thing! have you had these cozy insoles out in wetter weather (slush, freezing rain, other similar misery)?

    2 replies

    Hello megssie, i am glad that you like warm feet same as i do, Although the battery pack can be made water proof with either silicon or hot glue gun,heated insoles never actually come in contact with water till you have got some kind of water resistant shoes.
    as a fact there is no risk of shock or overheating even when the entire shoe is submerged in water as it operates at a very low voltage and have built in cutoff feature in the batteries.

    thanks! nice to know stepping in a hidden slush puddle will do no harm.