Diy Electric Match


About: I am a 13-year-old DIY hobbyist. I mainly focus on electronics, but I dabble in other areas as well. (Yes, if you noticed my profile picture, I am a crypto enthusiast)

So I had an idea- a remote detonation device for some of my more, shall we say, dangerous projects. I am going to make a prototype electric match. The materials are all common household objects, and it takes just half an hour to build.

*I am not responsible for any damages caused by the electric match.

Step 1: Gather Materials

This is all you need:

  • 4½ inches of 1/2 in PVC Pipe
  • Heating Plate from Toaster
  • 12v Battery
  • Toggle Switch
  • 20-30ft Copper Speaker Wire
  • Soldering Iron

Step 2: Salvage the Heating Coil

First, take the silver-looking coil out of the heating plate (pictured above). This piece is called a resistor coil. Now cut a small, about 6 inch, segment of the resistor coil.

Step 3: Almost Done

Now, solder the copper wire on both ends of the resistor coil, as shown. Wrap it around the match tightly. Run the wires through the PVC pipe. Attach the switch to one end of the wire. Now hook the switch up to the Negative terminal on the battery, and the Positive terminal the the other end of the wire (as shown).

Step 4: Light It Up

Now it's time to, as they say, "Throw the Switch." This electric match is reusable. Just insert a new match whenever you want to use it, and Voila! Remember to be very careful when using. Never, under any circumstances, light flammable materials without proper safety precautions.



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