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Make stamp using simple household items and explore your creativity . Happy stamping!!!

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Step 1: You Will Need

Wooden block
Two way adhesive tape ( you can find in any local craft store)

Step 2: Prepare Your Pattern

I made chirstmas tree.
For that you will have to draw a pattren shown in the pic above.
Draw that pattern on two sided tape using marker.

Step 3: Stick on Wooden Block

After tracing your pattern on tape cut it down.
And stick on wooden block.
As we are using two way tape it will stick directly on the block.
But if you wanna strong bonding then stick it with glue. It will also increases selflife of stamp.
You are done. Your handy handmade printing machine is ready..

Step 4: Prepare Your Stamp for Stamping

Fun part begins..
Apply ink/ acrylic color on stamp.

Step 5: Fun Begins

Press slightly on blank paper or on your christmas card.
And you are done..

Try with different shapes like stars, moon , daisy flowers and emoji faces and explore your creative imagination..

Happy stamping...

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