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Introduction: Diy Hei Hei Patch

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Today we will be making a patch of Hei Hei from Disney's Moana.

Step 1: Materials

embroidery floss (278 red,720 light orange/yellowish,722 dark orange/yellowish,716 green,772 white,704 yellow,774 black)

fray glue

hoop (any size)


Needles (size 26)


iron (optional)

Heat Bond(optional)

Step 2: Hoop Setup and Tracing

Cut out a square of fabric and place it on top of the smaller hoop. Place the bigger hoop on top and tighten the knob. go to your computer and print out a copy of what you want to embroider, after printed trace it unto the fabric. P.S. you can also free hand your design.

Side note when you get to stitching don't pull to hard on the thread. They will break and you will have to start over.


Step 3: Getting the Needle Ready

split your six strand floss by three. You should have three strands on one side and three on the other. Carefully pull the strand apart (like undoing a Twizzler). Once done thread your needle until its double threaded. tie a knot on the end and BAM you're done.

Step 4: Stitch

This is the main stitch we will be using in this project.

Step 5: Sewing

Insert your needle into the back of the hoop and pull it until the knot is hitting the fabric. We will be starting on HeiHei's head. Once the needle is on the front side of your pattern simply stitch back down on the other side of his bread-thingy. Keep doing this until his head is complete.

Step 6: His Neck

Get your picture of Hei Hei and make a small dot with a pen on where his feathers on his neck/chest change. And then start sewing his neck. to give it that feathered look i made the stitches smaller and at random. By the end of the dot change the light yellow/orange floss to the darker yellow/orange.

Step 7: Green

Once done with the yellow neck re-thread your needle with green and repeat the satin stitch. Here you can start on the bottom and work your way up. (Sorry I didn't have any more photos on the stitching for the green chest).

Step 8: Shake Your Tail Feathers

In this one, take your normal 3 strand of floss and put one strand of blue. Simply Twist the threads together carefully not to tangle them. And start stitching starting on the edge of of the first top feather and then do the others. Once done get the same color of the dark orange/yellowish floss and satin stitch the feet.

Step 9: EYES and BEAK

Next get your white floss and satin stitch the eyes.Then thread black and make the pupil. there are many different ways to make eyes but i just went with the boring old dot. Just make a tiny stitch up and down for the pupils. and of course the beak get the lightest color of yellow for the beak so that it doesn't blend in with the neck.

Step 10: Iron On

This step is totally optional. Cut out a piece of Heat Bond the size of your piece of clothe. NOTE: LAY PATCH ON TOP OF THE ROUGH PART OF THE HEAT BOND. So that the patch's backside is on the rough side of the Heat Bond. Optional i laid a cloth on top of the patch so any residue on the iron won't stick to my patch. Preheat iron on medium heat. NO STEAM. Place iron on the patch for 2 seconds all over. Repeat this step until the adhesive has bonded with your patch.

Step 11: No Fray

Cut out your patch with 1/8 of an inch of fabric still in the patch. Peel of the paper on the back and use glue to make sure Hei Hei doesn't fray.

Step 12: Make It Official

Choose whatever color to do the boarder. Start on the back and pull up until the knot is snug on the patch. then simply go back over t the back and make another stitch. You're basically doing a satin stitch on the side of the patch. If any of my instructions are confusing just ask me or look it up on YouTube there are many awesome tutorials.

Step 13: DONE!!!!!!

Congrats! You're done. Now you can show off your patch to your friends and family! Thank You so much for viewing and liking my Patch Instructable! If you have any questions just shoot me a comment. Please vote for me! :) :) :)

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    3 years ago

    Beautiful stitching and clear instructions.


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    Thank you so much! :)