Diy IR Tester Keychain




Introduction: Diy IR Tester Keychain

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the simple way to build an ir tester

Step 1: Schematic Diagram

all you need is a led, an ir receiver and a coin battery

the range is only 5-15cm (good to test a remote control)

Step 2: Print the .stl Files

print the .stl files or find a nice box for your project

Step 3: Make the Connections

make the connections and glue the led and the receiver with instant glue

Step 4: End

glue the two printed parts and add a coin battery

i use CR 2025




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    6 Discussions

    thanks!! its the simlest way to test infrared devices (but at small distance)

    Thanks for your replay, please tell my when to bay IR - DIODE
    Here in Croatia have Chipotle, and have IR-diods
    Sorry for my bad English

    you can't find ir diode? did i understood right ??

    Maybe not all the people know that you can use your smartphone to check ir using camera app.
    just point your remote to te camera lens, and press any button; on your camera app you should see violet light coming from the remote.

    1 reply

    yes you are right!!

    but iphone's camera,i think, can't see infrared light