Diy Ink Stained Nail Art

hi welcome to my nail art tutorial

things needed:

. gel polish

. alcohol inks

. tweezers

. fake acrylic nails

. nail art glue

. top coat and base coat


Step 1: Outline

Prep your natural nail for application. Use a buff/nude gel polish for the base. Cure, and wipe of tack layer. Then create your design using black gel polish. Create your flowers first, then design around them. This is random designing, so you're free to do it however you'd like.

Step 2: Second Step

After curing and removing the tacky layer from your design, use tweezers to hold a piece of sponge to place all different colors of the alcohol inks inside your lines

Step 3: Give Watercolour Effect

Take a clean piece of sponge & get a bit of alcohol on it. Dab it onto the colored inks to make them appear like they are a watercolor.

Step 4: Finish With Top Coat

Let the ink dry a bit, and topcoat with gel to finish!



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