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Introduction: DIY Jyn Esro Costume (Star Wars)

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Long time ago in
a galaxy far far away....

Han Solo started a vest wearing trend for all rebels. Now with the empire building a new secret weapon (the Death Star) your going to need something stylish to storm the empire!!!!

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Step 1: Supplies

I bought my fabric at Walmart for $3.94
This project took me around 5 hours to make. But I hand sewed it. If you were to sew it with a sewing machine it would probably take you and hour or two.

~ brown felt
~ 3/4 yard of brown fabric
~ 1/2 yard of gray fabric (for jyns scarf)
~ brown thread
~ sewing needle or a sewing machine

Step 2: So Here's the Breakdown....

Step 1: lay out your fabric
Step 2: fold fabric in half
Step 3: cut up the middle and a circle for the neck hole
Step 4: sew up sides to get your arm holes
Step 5: heam up arms, bottom and neck
Step 6: sew on pockets

Step 3: Let's Sew the Bottom First

Fold fabric once then fold over again. Sew the bottom of the folds then unfold. Hopefully the paper will help you understand

Do the folding and the sewing for the two front parts and the back.

Step 4: Next the Sides

Fold inside out and sew sides together to get arm holes

Step 5: Time to Heam!!!

Now we're going to heam the middle, neck and arms

Step 6: Finally Pockets!!!

Sew the pockets on both sides first then the little felt piece on the shoulder.

Step 7: Scarf

For the scarf just fold over heam and sew or hot glue.

To put on just twist fabric and lay over neck.

Step 8: Done

I hope you've enjoyed this Instructable.

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