Diy Lamp Built From Scrap

Introduction: Diy Lamp Built From Scrap

This lamp is built from scrap aluminum pieces commonly used for making windows and doors, lamp houses all junk components and 3 led of one watt each.This lamp is powered by old mobile charger.

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Step 1: Base Details.

The aluminum  rectangular pipe is cut down and carved into block as it act as base for lamp.

Step 2: Stem Specifications.

This is thin pipe this is  used  as stem in this project also it carry wire inside as its is secured to base using nut and bolts.

Step 3: Holes for Nut and Bolts at Stem.

Two holes is done using hand drill at bottom end for nut and bolts, third hole on parallel side is done that carry wire.
Make sure that same hole arrangement is done on base  block. base block contain three holes .

Step 4: Stem Holes on Other Side.

Holes arrangement is same as previous step but third hole is done to carry wire from block to led PCB through stem.Makes sure these three holes must match block holes.

Step 5: Schematic.

This diagram shows all part placements.

Step 6: Finel Hole to Hold Led PCB

This hole is done at top side to hold PCB plate.

Step 7: Pcb Details

PCB is cut as it could hold 3 led  and also have enough space to provide adequate distance between led.

Step 8: Pcb Holes for Led Mounting

Holes can be done using hand drill .

Step 9: Pcb Pattern As Per Led Size.

PCB artwork is done by permanent marker pen any other technique can be used to make PCB.

Step 10: Finel PCB

Now PCB is prepared  led can be soldered shown in next step.

Step 11: Soldered LED on PCB

Led soldered on PCB the back metallic side is for heat sinking as led become hot during operation the same sheet is used here for mounting the PCB. It serve as heat sink and mount that attaches  to stem of lamp.

Step 12: Sheet Cutout

This sheet is cut as per dimension so that PCB can be fixed  and heat sinking can be done easily.

Step 13: Pcb Pasted on Sheet

Step 14: Fixed Pcb .

PCB is fixed it can be done by using nut and bolts also don't forget to solder wire to pcb that comes from stem.

Step 15: Finel Steps.

Finely  lamp can be used as test bench lamp or night lamp as power consumption is low and life is long as led is used. This project is made without any special dimension it can be made as per need no special tools required make it. Make sure that the charger used must be of 5 to 6 v  500ma current  rating  no special regulator is used led connected in parallel and no load resistor is connected as the supply from the mobile charger itself regulated.power connecter of any type can be used .

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