Diy Loose Mattifying Powder

This only has three ingredients and you probably have them ( I know that whenever a recipe says this you wont have at least one but Im sure you have these, because how else will you make a chocolate treat without cornstarch?)

Step 1: Materials

Small container (I used an old spice container)
Cocoa powder
Small spoon

Step 2: The Powder-ing

Put in the ingredients into your container so that its easier to mix and get better measurements
1. Put in the ingredients so that its about 1/3 cornstarch 1/4 cocoa powder or enough to suit your skin tone,but it wont really matter too much since it looks sheer, and a tsp cinnamon
2. Mix well and use your finger to scrape the rest off the spoon

Step 3: Usage Tips

I used an old fluffy brush and tapped of the excess, dont use too much in one area becaus it works super well and might dry your skin out
I put it around my nostrils and cheeks and t zone



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    JuneBug XO

    3 years ago

    I will add some pictures of all final products later