Diy Match Stick Rocket

About: My name is Bilal Mustapha. I am a student and a hobbyist. I love to make Diy projects.

Flying match stick rockets can really be exciting especially if you made it your self. I will show you how to make a match stick rocket that will shoot up to 30ft in less than 5minutes using common kitchen materials.

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this, you need a:

1. Square Foil paper (5 ×10) cm

2. Match box

3. Skewer

4. Scissors

5. Divider

Step 2: Making the Body

There are two types of foil paper: normal and heavy duty. If you are using a heavy duty, the rocket will be heavier so take into consideration the thickness of the body but it will make a better seal.

To get started, lay the foil paper on a straight surface. Wrap the skewer along the foil making a tube. Try to keep the foil as tight as possible against the skewer and even.

Gently remove the foil leaving a hollow tube also align the edges together.

Step 3: Push a Match Head Into the Foil Tube

Use a skewer to push one match head into the foil tube. stop once you reach around 3/4 of the tube.

Step 4: Crimp the End of the Foil Tube.

crimp the end next to the match head. Repeat several times until the end is tightly close. If there is any hole in this end, the pressure will escape and the rocket will not fly far.

Step 5: Narrow the Other Opening

Open wide your divider and insert the other end of the tube wrapping it around the divider narrowing the tube. A narrow tube means more pressure, which will shoot the rocket farther

Step 6: Making the Launch Pad

If you are using an old match box fill it with pebbles or sand but if you are using a new match box, no need of filling it because the weight of the other match sticks can support your launch pad.

Push the other end of the divider into the match box from the top piercing through the side of the box.

Step 7: Finally Adjust the Angle of the Rocket

Adjust the diviser'a angle to around 30 to 45 degree. Light a candle and put in under the rocket making sure you stay clear from the exhaust as it releases hot gases which might burn you.

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