Diy Movie Shelves

Introduction: Diy Movie Shelves

Just a cheap and easy movie shelve with a few cinder blocks and boards.

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Step 1: Materials

4 cinder blocks
2- 3ft,8in boards
2- screws
2- L brackets
Pair of pliers
1 type measure

Step 2: Placement

Place two cinder blocks where you would like the shelve to be. Space them at least 2.5 ft apart.
Then place the first board on top.
Then place the next two cinders blocks on top of the first board.
Next take the 2 L brackets and make them flat then don't need to be percent just not in the L shape.
Now take the L brackets and place one on to each side of the second board using the screws.
After that place the second board onto the top of the cinder blocks and now you have a shelve that we'll keep movies from falling from side to side.

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