Diy "Old" Coffee Table

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I have allways liked old refurbished furnitures.

Because i didn't find suitable, i decided to make one by myself.

Wood for the deck is from the old kids bunk bed.

For the sides i used left over pieces of 2 x 4"

Feets are made from 3mm x 50mm flatbar. ( 5 meters)

Feets are welded together with tig, but that's optional, my original idea was to connect parts with screws..

but i decided to be lazy and use welder.

I also used: ( most of the tools are optional, i was lazy and used the easiest way)

Table saw (diy)

Chop saw

Power hand plane

Angle grinder

Circular saw

Sheet metal bending brake (diy)



Miter saw

Video shows the process:

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Step 1: Deck..

Deck is made from the old kids bunk bed.

Material was 22mm thick spruce ( little less than 1")

I sliced the parts with table saw, and glued them together with wood glue.

After parts we're dried i smoothened the surface with power hand plane.

Step 2: Sides of the Deck..

For the sides of the deck i used left over pieces of 2 x 4"

I cut them half and then straightend them with rip cuts.

Then i cut them L- shaped.

L -groove depth is similar with the decks thickness after planing.

Cutted miters to the profiles, and glued deck and profiles together.

Step 3: "get It Old"

To get little older look for the table.

I used dark wood oil, and after it was totally dry ( i waited a week )

I sanded surface until i was satisfied to its look.

Finally i applied couple layers of varnish to the surface.

Step 4: Feets..

Feets are made from 3mm x 50mm flatbar.

I cut them to the right size with chop saw.

I drawed a life size model and counted measures from that.

I bent the flat bar around 55mm diameter axle, and fitted pieces to the drawing.

Then i shaped the ends of the flat bars with corner grider using 40 grit flap disc.

Step 5: Feets Continued..

I weld the parts together using tig.

Welding isn't necessary, my original plan was to use rivets or screws, but i choosed to take the easy way.

I made "decorations" (didn't find good english word for those) for the feets from 2mm thick sheet metal. ( these decorations can be use for hiding possible screws too)

I used circular saw and angle grinder for cutting.

Then i did little pre-bends using my diy bending brake, final bends i made by squeezing with pliers.

Step 6: Colour..


Layers of white and black paint.

I toasted the surface with torches to get it bubly and craked. Then i scrathed it with sanding paper.

I attached the feets to the table with 2mm thick steel stripes with screws.

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    2 years ago

    Where did you get the railroad track? LOL.

    It looks great.


    2 years ago

    Beautiful work! If you're not already, you should definitley considering selling custom made furniture.

    1 reply
    The other Finnish guy4DIYers

    Reply 2 years ago

    Thank you. I have considered it, needs more practising first. This is a small country with lots of makers.. Seems that everybody likes to make things rather by themself, unless you sell something very special. :)


    2 years ago

    That is gorgeous! I love the scroll work on the bottom. :)

    1 reply