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Introduction: Diy Pallet Wood Key Holder

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I made this pallet wood and parana pine key holder to go along with my parana pine entrance table I used mostly the same techniques to build both projects and they compliment each other nicely.

I also made a video of the build for my YouTube channel BCDesign, please watch and subscribe, thumbs up and share it if you enjoy the video!

To make this project you will need

1 pallet or part of a broken pallet

4 small hooks to hang keys & appropriate screws

Milk paint by The Crafty Bird

Water based lacquer

2 Paint Brushes

Gas torch

Wood glue

180 grit sandpaper



Saw either hand powered or electric

I am not including measurements as it is a very simple design and you will be making it to fit with the reclaimed/salvaged materials you have on hand.

Step 1: Cut Up Your Pallet

  • I used my jigsaw to cut the main pieces I would need for the body of my key holder,the jigsaw works fast and is quicker than breaking the whole pallet down.
  • I then used the miter saw to cut all my pieces to their final lengths
  • I cut one end of both my side pieces with a 25o angle
  • You can use a handsaw in place of the jig saw or miter saw

Step 2: Burn It!!!

  • Light up your gas torch and scorch the pallet wood pieces on all sides that will be visible
  • Be careful at this point and have some means of fire prevention on hand.
  • I like to burn the pallet wood as it burns off some of the rough fibers and adds texture and a distressed look when adding the milk paint later.
  • Pay particular attention to burning the edges of the wood as this gives a worn rounded over edge to the finished piece.

Step 3: Making a Top for the Key Holder

  • I had a piece of reclaimed parana pine left over from my entrance table build I used this to make a top to go on my key holder so it matched the entrance table.

  • I cut the parana pine to length on the miter saw and split it in half with my axe as it was much thicker than the pallet wood I was using for the body of the key holder.
  • I used the axe to flatten the rough areas after splitting the pine and then sanded it smooth

Step 4: Glue Clamp Nail

  • I set all the pieces in the positions I wanted them, added glue and then clamped it together
  • Clamping the parts held it all in the correct position for adding the nails
  • I nailed and glued the front of the holder on and then nailed on the sides
  • I let the glue dry for a few hours

Step 5: Nail on the Top,Paint and Lacquer!

  • I nailed on the top using glue and panel pins.
  • I mixed the milk paint according to the instructions.I used the powdered version.
  • I let the milk paint dry then scuffed it with 120 grit sandpaper to add a distressed look.
  • I lacquered the parana pine top which really brought out the amazing colors in this wood.
  • I also lacquered over the milk paint as it provides some protection to the paint.

Step 6: Add Hooks and Mount to Wall With Concealed Screws

  • I added 4 small hooks mounting the outside hook on each side with just one screw so then can swivel
  • I marked the holes for the screws that would mount the holder to the wall making sure that when the hooks swiveled back down they would conceal the wall mounting screws,You can see this more clearly in my video.
  • I drilled a hole in the wall and hammered in a rawl plug,I screwed the left hand wall mounting screw into this plug and leveled the key holder and screwed the right hand wall mount screw into one of the studs behind the plaster.
  • I then swiveled the outer hooks down concealing the mounting screws and added the last screws to the hooks.

Step 7: Finished!

I really enjoyed making this ultra simple key holder and I really like how it matches my entrance table,Please read my entrance table Ible and watch the video of how I made it!

Please check out my Diy Pallet Wood Key Holder on my YouTube channel and subscribe, thumbs up and share if you like it!

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    4 years ago

    Little bit different to your instructable but still does the job.
    Great instructable mate!!


    Reply 4 years ago

    Thank you!Nice work!! I like the way you used the mirror\picture hangers on the inside of the holder!