Diy Pineapple Lamp Made From Plastic Spoons

Introduction: Diy Pineapple Lamp Made From Plastic Spoons

I made this DIY lamp almost two years ago, but I wanted to share it with you all here on Instructables since Spring is finally here! This diy was super easy and affordable to make, so for all you crazy pineapple lovers, you will love this one!


Lamp stand

1 liter plastic soda bottle (emptied and cleaned)

Plastic spoons (I used exactly 112 spoons)

Yellow Acrylic Paint

Green Cardstock/Poster Paper

Xacto Knife

Hot glue gun


Permanent Marker

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Step 1: Paint the Spoons

Using a sponge paint applicator brush, paint each spoon using the yellow acrylic paint.

This is the step that takes the longest, so take your time with. I recommend painting two coats of paint so that the color is very opaque.

Step 2: Cut the Handles Off of the Spoons

With this step, you're definitely gonna want to use some elbow grease or muscles!

With a strong pair of scissors, carefully cut off the handles of the spoons.

Step 3: Cut the Soda Bottle

For this step, you will need your Xacto knife and permanent marker.

Refer to the video for a visual demonstration for where/how I cut the bottle.

Go to the timeframe 4:14 to see how I cut the bottle

Step 4: Glue the Spoons Onto the Bottle

Get your gun ready...your hot glue gun that it is! You will need a lot of hot glue sticks for this step.

Start at the bottom of the bottle and begin gluing the spoons all around the base.

The next layer, you will continue doing the same thing until you reach the very top of the bottle.

Step 5: Add the Green Leaves

On your green poster board, draw a starburst shape with a hole in the middle and cut that out. Then glue that on top of the opening of the bottle. Bend the paper so it doesn't look so stiff.

Using the same poster board paper, draw spear shapes varying in sizes, this will be the spiking leaves sticking out of the bottle. Once the spears are cut out, glue them under the opening of the bottle. Also bend them to give them shape.

Step 6: Add the Pineapple Onto the Lamp Stand/base

Last step, put the pineapple on your lamp stand as you would a regular lamp shade.

CAUTION: Since the pineapple is made from plastic, use a low wattage bulb to prevent burning. Also this is more intended for decor, rather than actual lighting.

Now you should have your summer ready lamp!

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    4 years ago

    I LOVE it!! :)