Diy Poster Tube Rocket




this is my first instructable i have built...

it was a rocket that i used a tube that a poster came in.


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Step 1: The Setup

my teacher had ordered a poster for the class room and then had an empty tube.

i went around the classroom and got a red solo cup, i cut it into 3 equal pieces and just kept cutting one of the pieces until i liked the shape of the then i lined it up and cut the other 2 pieces the same as that one.

i used A LOT OF HOT GLUE to secure them to the tube. and i gave them a slight tilt so that the rocket will spin as it flies.

Step 2: Motor Bay

i took a sheet of card stock and cut it to fit the inside of the tube. i then too a hand full of rocket motors and set them up to see how many i could set up. which came to be 8 motors.

i traced the motors and then cut the first template out, then cut 3 more templates out of cardstock.

i set up all the motors in their slots.

there's 7 100' motors on the outside ring and a 1000' motor in the center.

i dont have the photos of the bay in the tube. but i also USED A LOT OF HOT GLUE to secure the bay inside the tube.

Step 3: Finished Product

this is all the photos that i currently have for the rocket but i used cardstock for part of the hull and found a plastic rocket tip and put it in the tip of the hull. i connected the hull to the body using a rubber band and then used a small trash bag as the parachute. i used fishing string to attach the parachute to the hull.

i used the paper wad that came in the tube as the stuffing for when the rockets explode to push the parachute out.

i then just painted it and called it the ''ONE SHOT'' because i used so much hot glue in the motor bay to hold it and the rockets in that i will not be able to reload it after its first launch.

i also took the ignition wires and just did a series circuit to connect all the rockets together.

thanks for viewing this diy rocket.

when in launch the rocket this summer i will video it and also post it on here.

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    1 year ago

    Creativity and ingenuity are the mother of invention. Nice use of otherwise discarded parts. Do post the flight when you do launch it. Thumbs Up!


    1 year ago

    That looks fun :)