Diy Rc Tricyle Aluminum Body

Introduction: Diy Rc Tricyle Aluminum Body

Hey guys! Since  few years ago I have always been creating , designing and building fun things so I decided to build a rc tricycle. The idea I have is to use the most simple ways of allowing things to operate , for example : I didn't want gears or crazy mechanisms. I wanted something that you guys at home can easily reproduce and maybe even better! I used a 11.4v LiPo pack , with a 25A speed controller and a low kv motor so that I could use the torque.

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Step 1:

I started off by using CAD ( computer aided design) to create a template . I printed it out in a scale of 1:1 and glued it to pieces of aluminium

Step 2:

I cut out the pieces as well as I could with the equipment I had.

Step 3:

I then TIG ( tungsten inert gas ) welded all the pieces of aluminum together ( this was a hard task for me , I am an amateur welder)

Step 4:

I then took a 16mm x 16mm square bar , cut it to size and glued 50mm lengths of wire in a corner ( this is where the wheels will attach)

Step 5:

Give the Beast a paint job ( in my case - white)

Step 6:

Begin assembly , and see where everything will go so you can start gluing . The motor was connected to the tire with use of a prop holder , it just so happened to be that  a 1/10th scale tire fitted on the shaft.

Step 7:

Time for a test drive =D      Video is on Youtube :

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    May I know what is your Size of the adapter (prop holder),servo,wheel,push rod and stop set collar ?

    love your project. I will be making something silimar soon.
    check out Hobbyking if you need cheap but good rc parts


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks ! :)
    That's awesome , what are you thinking of making?
    Yeah I am aware of HK , they have really good prices , its just a mission to import to SA - but its worth it !