Diy Repurposed Refrigerator for Tool Storage




Introduction: Diy Repurposed Refrigerator for Tool Storage

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So as you can tell through my previous instructable posts I find reuses for almost everything. For this one I decided that my old fridge was the next culprit in my master creation plan. I don't have much space where I live and being a creator I own a bunch of tools of which I have no real place to store. So on a whim, I decided that I'd really like to use the fridge for another purpose. To store all the tools which would otherwise be lying around the studio apartment until I used them again. It made my house look disorganized with the tools just lying around so I set out to get a little more organized and hopefully a place to hide all those tools I had lying around. Since the fridge already had shelving I figured I would incorporate those into the Master plan. Tell me what you think in the comments below, I'd love to hear your ideas!

UPDATE: Just so you know no I do not keep this in my house and yes I have labeled the plastic bins. The location of the fridge tool box is in my carport with a lock on it. Thanks for all the good comments

Step 1: Materials Needed

  1. 1-old refrigerator

Step 2: Hardware Needed

  1. Storage containers to fit large medium small various sizes and types

Step 3: Putting It Together

  1. Really you can just start with the freezer section and move down from there. I decided that the freezer section would be the place to house all my odd and ends. tools that had no place real to go or that I didn't have a place for. So I set in 3 or four relatively small storage containers that I could slide in and out and grab what I needed on a whim.
  2. since everything is stored in containers there was really no big hack for this exercise project I just bought some cheap containers that were heavy duty enough to store my stuff
  3. as you can see they stored quite nicely
  4. I will be marking the containers with a marker to describe what may be in them
  5. I may add a place to store extension cords as well.

Step 4: Oraganized!

It was an easy project to get organized and probably one that not a lot od people will think of and if your like me and have a bunch of tools you need a place for without anywhere to put them like in a shop or something you can use an old refrigerator as a somewhat last resort.



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    I've used just the door liners with their shelves on my shop wall.

    I also used a freezer to store paint in freezing weather. One 40W light bulb kept all the paint at 60°F.

    Thanks, Carl.

    I recommend to remove the gasket (partly) since otherwise it will become a nice home for all sorts of fungus.

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    if you clean if out and let it dry well in our fridge turned storage unit there is no humidity or mold or fungus problem. The door seal is key to keeping dust out.

    Sounds reasonable. But in that case I would always create some labyrinth opening in the back.

    Thanks I was going to do that but forgot good point thanks


    2 years ago

    Out at the big shop on the farm I grew up one we have had a dead frige for storage for ad long ad I can remember.

    We don't use it like a tool chest like you have but more of a place to store specialty lubricants like axle grease in the door compartments and oil funnels and pouring devices in the main compartment. The fridge is great for that type of thing because the door seals and keeps dust and dirt out.

    Same for the freezer to store paperwork and sensitive electrical test equipment.

    Great job on reusing. Next time I'm out there I will snap a pic to post on here.

    Why not! At first glance, I thought: overkill, but then...its already in the home or shop, etc., can be locked if necessary, presents a tidy appearance, has natural divisions and good use of space. So....why not! Cool you!

    Mmm, if you store similar things together, and then LABEL the containers you won't have to pull out every container to find the meter you stored with the Killz primer or the screws you have stashed with your air tool.

    Of course if all you're looking for is somewhere to throw stuff randomly, your system will work perfectly.

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    Yes still in the process of labeling and sorting and will update pictures as soon as that is done

    That is excellent same i have done to my refrigerator 8 months ago, very spacious and looks neat.