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this is a simple project to build a solarbotic

we use 7pcs of bpw34 silicon photocell,each of them can provide about 0.53V voltage and 1.8mA current,that is very small,right?

so we use a Circuit called "solar engine",to Storage electric energy,and a Voltage trigger(HT7027A) to detect the Capacitive voltage ,when it reach 2.7V,the trigger will out put a “High level”,so it Trigger the entire circuit, start discharging,the Motor and led start working.Repeat this process

Step 1: Solar Panels

the BPW34,each can provide 0.5V and 1.7ma

it have positive electrode.when you soldering it on the PCB,plz do not get it wrong

Step 2: Bpw34

7pcs of bpw34 is series connection

Step 3: The 2n3904 and 2n 3906

Step 4: Soldering the Cap 104 and CBB Cap

Step 5: Soldering the 1K Resistance

Step 6: The Ht7027 Socket

this is for installing the ht7027 trigger

Step 7: 100k

the 100k resistance is Pull up resistor for ht7027 out put

Step 8: The Trigger

Step 9: The Big Cap

the 4700uf Cap is for Storage electric energy,it need a diode to connect to the solar panels's "+"

Step 10: Assemble the "solarengine" and the ''solar Panels" Together

The relative angle between 2 circuit boards,depend what you like,i think BEAM is for Imagination and creation

so you have done the two PCB,the rest of the matter is make the robot what you like

Step 11: Where to Solder the Motor

there is a tag “motor” one the PCB,we can connect motors,leds and buzzers here

Step 12: All Done!



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    8 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Nice! I really like it.

    Didn't know that so small photocells exist :D

    Maybe you can make a video?


    Reply 2 years ago

    OK, we get it. It's robotics, but WHAT IS IT FOR?

    Is this a solar tracker?

    Will it run my electric toothbrush?


    2 years ago

    Please include a video and a video link for us mobile viewers!


    2 years ago

    In a world of microcontrollers, it's really
    nice to see a BEAM bot pop up! I learned my first circuits on these guys 15
    years ago! Thank for a great 'ibble and thank you for sharing a solar engine I haven’t
    seen before, at least, in this iteration.