Diy Tidal Earings

Introduction: Diy Tidal Earings

Ready for a flirty DIY leather jewelry project that is easy to recreate? Make this pair of handmade fringe leather earrings! This handmade leather jewelry can be made by DIY jewelry lovers of skill level.

Here are what you will need to make this beautiful DIY jewelry:

Ear wires,

ruby beads (or any other sparkly bead)

,open work shell pendant

,large and medium teardrop dangles,

3 mm leathersterling silver wire

Step 1: HERE IS HOW TO MAKE IT.........

Follow these five simple steps to create these fun earrings for yourself!

Step 1: Cut leather into 3 different lengths: - 2 long pieces about 1.5″ -4 medium pieces about 1″ -4 short pieces about 3/4″

Step 2: Using a tack and a hammer poke holes in your leather strips on both ends about 1/8″ from the edge.

Step 3: Wire wrap one end of your leather strips through the holes you just made (with the tack and hammer) to the open spaces on the silver shell charm with a ruby bead in between.

Step 4: Wire wrap the other end of your leather strips through the holes to the silver pod dangles with a ruby bead in between.

Step 5: Attach the ear wires to the top of the shell charms.

And there you have it. DIY leather earrings that will bring a little bit of the beach to your everyday life!

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