Diy Weatherproof and Waterproof Flash Drive!!!!





Introduction: Diy Weatherproof and Waterproof Flash Drive!!!!

DIY weather proof and waterproof drive. Perfect for Camping, Hiking, and Rafting or other occasions!

Step 1: Matierials, Tools, Disclaimer

Tools for this project are pretty simply:
Hot glue gun
Hot glue
2 3/4" pipe hose adaptors
1 2" piece of 3/4" pipe
1 Naked flash drive
Total Cost of project: 15$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comparable drive:45$

Step 2: Case Assembly

Take your hot glue gun and fill the holes of the hose barb fittings with a generous amount of hot glue as seen in picture 2. Do not skimp on the hot glue here you will regret it if you drop the drive in water. Take the hose barbs and cover the inside with glue like in picture 5. Then while the glue is still hot screw in the pipe this will ensure a safe seal.
P.S. I did not do this but if you want to be paranoid you can cover the main pipe with teflon tape just to be sure.

Step 3: Flash Drive Preparation

To prepare the flash drive for the casing you will need to take the naked flash drive and insert it into your computer. Then using your sharpie, mark as clode to the flash drive's tip as you can like in picture 1 and 2. Get your hot glue gun and cover all of the contacts on the flash drive with hot glue as seen in picture 3.

Step 4: Final Assembly

Insert the drive into one of the ends of the pipe, making sure to keep the marked portion of the flash drive outside the end of the pipe as seen in picture 1. But not too far that the barb cannot screw on fully. Apply at least 2 full sticks of hot glue into the pipe as seen in picture 2. There is no overkill, the more glue the drive is covered in, the less chance of it coming loose. Now Screw on the pipe barb as tightly as you can. You now have a weatherproof, waterproof flash drive!!!!



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    if you were able to plug the ends with metal or get solid caps for either end wouldn't that make it "hardened"... or EMP proof?

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    ZUIXRO is correct! USB flash/thumb drives are already waterproof. I use JB Weld Quickweld epoxy resin on the solder points, which are weak and usually break due to a little mechanical stress. None of mine have broken or drowned. Mine have been washed and dried (HOT) a few times by accident. They are all fine. I use them very frequently and left them in a pocket by accident. I keep mine in an Altoids tin so they are all in one place. Maybe you could make a watertight compartment. I have never taken one into the woods camping or hunting or on the water fishing, as I am preoccupied actually doing the outdoors thing, not computing.

    Grind the metal barbs off and put a spot weld where they were and then put a rubber gasket in the caps then screw them back on and it would be water proof to like 100'.

    USB drives are already waterproof. I have several that have gone through the washer multiple times and they are perfectly fine. They don't have power when they aren't plugged in, so as long as you let it dry before you use it it will be fine.

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    This is true, up to a point. Eventually(if not sooner) those delicate electrical traces inside will begin to corrode. Those "clean" drives are living on borrowed time.

    My old flash drive went through the wash 3 times, the first of which was like two years ago and it still works and has retained all of the data that was left on it.

    this is more drop-proof than water/weather proof still a good idea.

    a little Q , great instructable but why would you take a flash drive on a camping hiking or rafting trip lol , just in case the forest has wifi !

    This flashdrive will never get lost or fall out of your pocket or backpack. It would make enough noise to alert you. I especially enjoyed all the comments. Sometimes the discussion is important to the continuance of the idea. Treehugger

    Why not use Silicone sealant/caulking instead of hot glue?

    Ah, I see. One thing is sure - this is solid - run it over with a truck and it'd survive. L

    Please forgive me for asking, but where do you use a USB stick while Camping, Hiking, and Rafting? I can see the advantage of this if you dropped it in a river, it wouldn't float away - fish for with a magnet. L