Diy Worksite Radio




The aim of the project is to produce a durable portable radio which simultaneously serves as an extension cord.

Step 1: Required Materials.

Galvanized sheets and PVC sheets for the manufacture of durable housing.
USB radio receiver.

Computer speakers.

Electric plug and outlet

Step 2: Manufacture of the Housing.

To manufacture the body I used the plate, which I bent into a triangular shape from the side and closed with PVC panels.
The plates are connected by three aluminum rods. From the bars I made a bracket for cable. So I got the desired shape and a solid frame.

Step 3: Painting.

After the final compilation was followed by painting.
Sides I painted with epoxy paint, sheet metal, by a silicone coating. I decided to black and yellow color combination with natural aluminum.

Step 4: Installation of Radio, Speakers and Sockets.

I opened the computer speakers and connect to the receiver.

The connection is simple.

On the power amplifier I have connected radio (+, -) and speakers.

This was followed by installation of the speakers and the wall outlet. I made a device for coiling the cable, because I would like the radio at the same time also serves as electrical cord.I added Magnetic LED lamp.

This was followed by testing and enjoying the music.



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    Nice radio. That looks strong enough to survive a job site.