Diy Breadboard From Old IDE Cables

Intro: Diy Breadboard From Old IDE Cables

I'd find a suggest in a forum "Use IDE connectors to make a breadboard" than I did it!
Making the breadboard wasn't very difficult, just a bit boring when i connected the wires.

Step 1: Materials Needed

You'll need:
- 8 IDE connectors
- some insulated wire (I used the cable attached to the connectors)
- glue
- solder tin

Step 2: Prepare the Connectors

Unmount the connectors from the cable, doesn't matter if they brake, use the force!
With a cutter cut away the prominence (be careful doing this) and reduce the thickness of external sides by an half using sandpaper, this step is important otherwise can be difficult insert an IC to the finished breadboard.

Step 3: Glue and Wire

Glue together the 6 central Ide connector, and wire it like in the pictures.
You don't need to strip the wires, the connectors will cut the insulation.
Be careful to not ply pins.
To wire the "power lines" use a stripped wire and sold it to the pins.

Step 4: Finish It

Glue all pieces together, check the connections with a multimeter and you are done!
The holes on blue connectors marked with a black point are not connected because I broke the pins.

This is my first instructable, I'm sorry for my bad english, if you find some error please tell me and i'll correct it.

You can find an italian version of this instructable on my blog.

omments and suggestion are welcome!

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2 years ago

Now have about 20 of the soldered ribbon connector bits thanks to this instructable perfect for making XL breadboard/s.


3 years ago

You inspired me so I thought I'd share. It's an AC to DC converter.

Duke NukemE

3 years ago on Introduction

I've always seen DIY with a lot of stuff, but this... seriously dude, that was genial. Thanks for sharing.


5 years ago on Introduction

Thank you, but is not a my idea, I found a message on a forum like this "why not use IDE connector to do a breadboard?" and I tried to create a board like commercial breadboard.


5 years ago on Introduction

Great instructable, I can't believe I never thought of that!